Thermo releases entry level crystallisation machine

By Wai Lang Chu

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Thermo Electron Corporation, have added to its crystallisation
range with the new compact, entry-level, TableStore, which enhances
protein structure and drug discovery investigations by offering
optical clarity and automated storage capabilities within a small

The Rhombix TableStore can hold up to 176 standard 96-well SBS-format plates in an integrated ambient storage unit. The optics used in TableStore high clarity, single- or multi-mode brightfield, darkfield or polarised images.

In addition, its automation capabilities process these at a maximum rate of 500-plates/day using single-mode imaging.

TableStore can follow over 16,800 crystallisations (using 96-well plates) by the analysis and scoring of the images produced. In this way, there is no need to touch the plates until the crystals are ready.

In addition, by having an integrated and automated system, plates have very small distances to travel and are transported using smooth robotic arms, so there is less chance of disturbing the growing crystals.

Protein crystallography is a process used to determine the three-dimensional structure of proteins. By elucidating the structure of proteins, scientists can discover new drugs that more effectively target disease. Prior to crystallographic analysis, proteins require complex sample preparation procedures.

TableStore supports sitting drop, hanging drop, and microbatch crystallisation methods and due to all experimental descriptions and automation settings are stored in a centralised database, global collaborations and the use of remote resources can be readily enabled.

TableStore becomes the latest addition to its crystallisation range and fits in conveniently with its larger stable-mates, the 750i and 1250i.

The superiorptical clarity of the Rhombix TableStore, coupled to its multi-mode capabilities mean that it is now much easier to detect the state of crystal growth and assess the suitability for x-ray diffraction.

Moreover, all relevant data are captured during the crystallisation and imaging processes, so any aspects of the procedure can be tracked, recalled and used for analysis.

The functionality of TableStore can be enhanced with the addition of the Rhombix Software Suite v1.6. This new software package helps link experimental design, process control and analysis into a coherent flow to make experiments, protocols and results much more manageable.

All SBS and Linbro format plates are compatible with the Rhombix Vision TableStore. Smaller plates, such as the Terasaki style, can be introduced in an adaptor carrier. Temperature control is obtained by placing in a controlled atmosphere space.

Crystallography allows scientists to determine the three-dimensional molecular structures of proteins, large biomolecules, and viruses. With an improved understanding of the molecular structures and interactions of proteins, drug designers can develop new treatments that target specific human, animal, and plant diseases.

More information on the Rhombix Vision TableStore is available here.

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